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Digital scoreboard

About Digital Scoreboard

The digital scoreboard measures the performance of Europe and the Member States in a wide range of areas, from connectivity and digital skills to the digitisation of businesses and public services.

The digital scoreboard includes data from the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) and the DESI Telecoms Chapters

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Digital Single Market

Latest news on the Digital Single Market

Secure 5G networks: Commission endorses EU toolbox and sets out next steps

New record for EU Code Week: 4.2 million participants and more than 72 000 activities in 2020

Germany joins the 1+Million Genomes Initiative

Discover the Digital Single Market

Shaping the Digital Single Market

The Digital Single Market strategy aims to open up digital opportunities for people and businesses and enhance Europe’s position as a world leader in the digital economy.

Boosting European digital industry

Digitising European Industry aims at ensuring that businesses, SMEs and non-tech industries can benefit from digital innovations to create a higher value chain. This strategy links national & regional initiatives and boosts investment.

Building a European data economy

The European data economy uses the potential of digital data to benefit the economy and society to its best. It addresses barriers that impede the free flow of data to achieve a European single market.

Improving connectivity and access

The European Commission’s improves access and connectivity for citizens by ending roaming charges, ensuring open internet and telecoms regulations. It aims to boost productivity for businesses by strengthening broadband and wireless connectivity across Europe.

Investing in network technologies

The European Commission drives European Research, Technology & Innovation initiatives that enable future technologies, software, services and networks. 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing are drivers for a Next Generation Internet delivery more to people and the economy.

Advancing in digital science and infrastructures

The Digital Single Market strategy endorses open science and open access to scientific results. The objective is to provide European science, industry and public authorities with excellent digital infrastructure — supercomputing and data storage.

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Supporting media and digital culture

The Commission’s approach on culture and media wants to promote a coherent approach on media policies, covering legislation on audio visual media services and preserving cultural heritage.

Creating a digital society

The European Commission aims for an inclusive digital society which benefits from the digital single market. Building smarter cities, improving access to e-government, e-health services and digital skills will enable a truly digital European society.

Strengthening trust and security

The European Commission’s initiatives improve security while surfing the web and enhances trust and inclusion. It boosts the overall level of cybersecurity and fosters digital privacy in Europe.

Группы European Digital Range и European Digital

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